In Pursuit of Digital Happiness

Digital Happiness is rapidly becoming the new frontier of competition. Enhanced by a customer centric mindset, it is experience and emotion that are today’s differentiators. Technology empowers organizations to read these emotions, to persuade people with hyper-personalized touch points in response, and to directly impact their happiness and sadness. Parallel to this, the behaviors of customers and employees are shifting towards that which elevates happiness and purpose, making the prudent use of this technology even more important. The advanced state of digitization today requires a holistic approach with the ultimate question in mind: do the product, service, and organization add value and purpose and do they contribute to the Digital Happiness of the customer?

For digital organizations this begs the question: Is your product or service superior to those of your competitors when viewed through this lens of Digital Happiness?

For (digital) citizens the question is: How healthy is your relationship with digital technology? Do you use it in a way that fosters positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and achievements? 

For more information, please have a look at the research reports I wrote with my colleagues.