Thijs Pepping

Currently working on: Regenerative Intelligence – Dialogues  about, and research into, regenerative technologies & behavior, degrowth  vs green growth and desirable paths to the future.

 I’m Thijs Pepping, a Trend Analyst in the field of new technologies. In my work I continuously wonder and analyse what the impact of New Technologies is on individuals, organisations and our society. How do people give meaning to their lives and how can we build humane organisations and societies?

During my years at the University of Humanistic Studies I worked with autistic children and homeless people, but one week after my graduation in 2014 my life took a turn when I started working in IT. An exciting new world, with new people, habits, and rituals. Due to the high impact of technology on our daily lives and the rapid developments of new technologies, my questions about meaning, purpose and humanization appeared to be relevant in this technological domain as well. Since 2016 I work fulltime researching and analysing the impact of new and upcoming technologies on the individual, organisations and society at the research institute VINT – SogetiLabs.

I translate my research into books, reports, my newsletter, and various media outings.