In search of Regenerative Intelligence (September 2023)

Recently, Apple interrupted their iPhone 15 release event with a video in which CEO Tim Cook and his staff are chided for their environmental friendliness by Mother Nature. The latter role was played by none other than Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer. In an engaging manner, Apple is humble-bragging and showing how much CO2 and plastic reduction …

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Two years ago, it was possible to know every Generative AI app out there. But now, everyday there’s a new AI app, paper, scandal, or groundbreaking use case. It’s impossible to keep up and people are experiencing AI FOMO. It’s something we’ll have to except. Some articles are listed below:


u/Redsox1987 @ Reddit – asking AI to show Disney princesses living in a trailer park Acknowledge A.I @ Twitter: A.I shows how ancient Egypt would look today if it never fell Gokul Pillai – Slumdog Millionaires


Every week a new report or paper is published about the impact of generative AI on work and our economy. My overall conclusion so far:– The discussion has shifted in the last 7 years from: “Will AI replace my job?” –> towards “Will someone who uses AI replace my job?”– The discussion is more nuanced: …

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To all the AI photo forensics out there that claim AI generated images "have no soul" Please help me understand why this image is soulless. This is from Midjourney v5.1, no edits or anything. Can you even tell this isn't a real photo? I don't see any obvious giveaways here. — Nick St. Pierre …

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The idea that artificial intelligence could someday destroy our world is frightening, but it distracts from a much more pressing issues. Last week, another warning against the dangers of artificial intelligence was issued. With one sentence, hundreds of experts, including Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, and ‘AI godfather’ Geoffrey Hinton, …

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Influencer Chatbot

Links – A 23-year-old Snapchat influencer used OpenAI’s technology to create an A.I. version of herself that will be your girlfriend for $1 per minute Caryn Marjorie @ Twitter Statistics Replika: Reuters – What happens when your AI chatbot stops loving you back? The Guardian – A bot on the side: is it adultery …

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