Banshee Paradox

Specs:Fork: FOX 34 Step-Cast Float FIT GRIP Performance 29″ Suspension Fork – 120mmStem: Renthal Apex 35 Stuurpen 40 mmStuur: OneUp Components 35 mm 35 Aluminum Riser Handlebars (176 cm van gemaakt)Brakes: Shimano XT M8120 / Shimano RT-MT905Gears: SRAM AXS EagleGrips: RevGrips Pro Series MEDIUM (32.5mm)Dropper: RockShox Reverb AXS 170 mmZadel: SPANK OOZY 220 SaddleWielen: Mavic […]

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The AI-tsunami of 2024

“In the forty years that Forrester has existed, we have rarely advised clients to immediately embrace new technology. Cautious experimentation until the technology matures and the associated vendor landscape rationalizes was the motto. Those rules are now being discarded with generative artificial intelligence (genAI). You need to act now,” said CEO George Coloney of the

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Researchers are making enormous progress in using AI to decipher animal language, but also to generate synthetic animal sounds without knowing what the sounds actually mean. This is due to the nature of current AI. Thanks to foundation models we can grasp the “essence” of something (e.g. a concept like a face or a language)

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Two years ago, it was possible to know every Generative AI app out there. But now, everyday there’s a new AI app, paper, scandal, or groundbreaking use case. It’s impossible to keep up and people are experiencing AI FOMO. It’s something we’ll have to except. Some articles are listed below:

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u/Redsox1987 @ Reddit – asking AI to show Disney princesses living in a trailer park Acknowledge A.I @ Twitter: A.I shows how ancient Egypt would look today if it never fell Gokul Pillai – Slumdog Millionaires

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Every week a new report or paper is published about the impact of generative AI on work and our economy. My overall conclusion so far:– The discussion has shifted in the last 7 years from: “Will AI replace my job?” –> towards “Will someone who uses AI replace my job?”– The discussion is more nuanced:

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To all the AI photo forensics out there that claim AI generated images "have no soul" Please help me understand why this image is soulless. This is from Midjourney v5.1, no edits or anything. Can you even tell this isn't a real photo? I don't see any obvious giveaways here. — Nick St. Pierre

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