IEee SA - P3152

The title ‘P3152’ may seem boring, but this is actually really exciting: we are creating a global standard to make it easy for people to know whether they are communicating with a human or bot. Or something in between…!

It’s really inspirational to work together with people from different businesses and universities who are also fascinated by this topic. It’s a complicated problem, we expect to complete this project somewhere in 2023.

The official description of the working group is as follows:

This standard describes recognizable audio and visual marks to assist with the identification of communicating entities as machine intelligence or human being to facilitate transparency, understanding, and trust during online, telephone, or other electronic interactions. Interventions to discern whether an interaction is with a machine or not (such as a ‘Turing Test’) are not within the scope of this standard. This standard is concerned only about the declaration of the nature of an interaction.