Latest media: (30-10-2021)
Why Facebook’s Metaverse Is The Future Of The Internet (Dutch)

ICT Magazine – What will be the virtual face of your organization? (March 2021, Dutch)

ICT Magazine – Digital happiness for the IT Manager: from theory to daily practice (November 2020, Dutch)

ICT Magazine – The 20 kB moment: Trade in greenwashing for green regeneration (September 2020, Dutch)

Het Financieele Dagblad – Tired after videoconferencing? Nothing strange at all… (May 2020, Dutch)

NRC – Is that really your colleague or is it a video? (March 2020, Dutch)

AG Connect – Privacy under pressure due to our health (March 2020, Dutch)

Algemeen Dagblad – Empower the elderly to take advantage of the web (March 2020, Dutch)  

ICT Magazine – The green businesscase for IT (March 2020, Dutch)

PZC – “It’s all about likes, shares and followers”: Zeeland Sunday with Thijs Pepping (February 2020, Dutch)

Trouw – Traditional media are no longer newsfinders but have become the newsfollowers (January 2020, Dutch)

Trouw – Biased algorithms show our human shortcomings and that is a blessing (December 2019, Dutch)

ICT Magazine – Cobots will evolve from being smart to being creative (December 2019, Dutch)

Het Financieele Dagblad – Overtrump ‘OK Boomer’ and bridge the generation gap (November 2019, Dutch)

ICT Magazine – Is your organization prepared for Deepfakes? (October 2019, Dutch)

ICT Magazine – The CRM-system is reaching its end (September 2019, Dutch)

Volkskrant – Do not leave the control of your identity to tech companies (September 2019, Dutch)

NRC Handelsblad – Blind spot for radicalization machine (August 2019, Dutch)

Live @ NPO Radio 1 – The impact of the app Deepnudes and deepfakes (July 2019, Dutch)

Het Financieele Dagblad – Deepfakes are a growing threat for our democracy (July 2019, Dutch)

ICT Magazine – The IT-manager as midwife (June 2019, Dutch)

ICT Magazine – GANs: Tooling of tomorrow (April 2019, Dutch)

ICT Magazine – Social influencing has outgrown puberty (February 2019, Dutch)

Algemeen Dagblad – A virtual purposeful advisor on your smartphone (January 2019, Dutch)


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