Together with 4 other psychology- and IT-professionals I founded Psych-IT. We see the fields of psychology and (new) technologies converging. Not only in universities and big tech companies, but in the many aspects of our day-to-day lives and professions.

Psych-IT is an open community in which we examine this connection between psychology and IT. Think of topics such as human-robot interaction, digital ethics, the social impact of it, positive technology, being tricked by deepfakes, and the impact of technological nature on our happiness. We organize free and non-profit events for professionals in the IT and psychology domain (private and public) and students. Our aim is to be a national platform to discuss these important topics in a playful and educated way.

Earlier events:
Psych-IT #3: Techno-Love – From love-algorithms to mediated touch
Psych-IT #2: Stress-IT – Technology at work; a blessing or curse?
Psych-IT #1: Sleep-Technology