Psych-IT is een open community waarin we de verbinding tussen psychologie en nieuwe technologieën onderzoeken. Denk aan onderwerpen als mens-machine-interacties, digital ethics, de maatschappelijke impact van IT, positieve technologie, deepfakes, en de impact van technologie op ons denken, welzijn en gemoedstoestand. We organiseren gratis non-profit events voor studenten en professionals in de IT en psychologie. Ons doel is om op ruimte voor dialoog en discussie te bieden om onderwerpen op een speelse en weloverwegen manier te onderzoeken. Dit helpt om ontwikkelingen in wenselijke richtingen te kunnen sturen.

Komende events:

Psychology of Gaming: April 2021

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Eerdere events:

Psych-IT #6: Voorbij de Dood? Deepfake therapy en een eeuwig leven
With Leoniek van der Maarel & Didier Coeurnelle


Psych-IT #5: Technologische innovatie in de Jeudgzorg
With Xiomara Vado Soto & Evelyn Visschedijk


Psych-IT #4: Designing Media for Human Nature
With Menno van Doorn & Mariana Pinheiro


Psych-IT #3: Techno-Love – From love-algorithms to mediated touch

Tinder has radically changed our dating game and through vibrating cuddly bracelets, teledildonica and connected night lamps, couples keep in touch in LAT relationships. New questions arise: can technology replace human contact? Is virtual love also cheating? And what is the impact of genderless sex robots? On October 15th, trend scientist Jeanneke Scholtens and PhD student Sima Ipakchian Askari will answer these questions at the third Psych-IT meetup!


Psych-IT #2: Stress-IT – Technology at work; a blessing or curse?

Stress helps us to deliver top cognitive and physical performances. However, too much stress leads to distraction, illness, and poor results. In addition to colleagues, workspace and workload, technology also has an impact on managing or increasing your stress level. At this second Psych-IT Meetup, Janienke Sturm, Professor People and Technology at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, and Techno Stress researchers Liza van Dam and Joep van den Eerenbeem from TNO shared their insights.

We concluded the evening with some Fishbowl discussions.


Psych-IT #1: Sleep-Technology

Sleeping is important. To refuel and process your impressions of the day. The panacea makes you more productive, creative and you can solve problems better. Too little sleep leads to more often reporting sick and causes more industrial accidents. The logical question in 2019 is: can technology help you sleep more efficiently or better?

Philips sleep scientist Tim Leufkens PhD and DIY Biohacker Peter Joosten shared their insights and research during this Meetup with a group of 90 psychology and IT professionals and students.