My presentations are inspired on my research and the daily life. The red thread is always a variation on the latest inspiring tech cases and the impact on the individual, organization and society.

My expertise is a mix between humanism, philosophy, psychology and innovative new technologies.

I’ve build this expertise through my study on the University of Humanistic Studies at Utrecht, the Netherlands. In my masters I studied how people give meaning to live and find happiness and unhappiness, how people work best together and how we can create a flourishing and just society. I finished my studies with my thesis ‘YOLO! – You Only Life Once – a study about how youth experiences happiness and meaningful events in their digital lives’. E.g. by experimenting with identity, relations and autonomy.

Three days after concluding my masters I started with my career as IT Test Consultant at KZA. I discovered a total different world and found it ultimately fascinating. I learned a lot in roles as TestCoordinator at the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations and as ScrumMaster at a big telecom company.

Now I work at Sogeti‘s research institute for new technologies: VINT – SogetiLabs. I combine my passions and try to dig deep: what exactly is the impact of these pervasive technologies? How can organizations prepare themselves for new technologies? We try to inspire clients in retail, governance, finance, and education by giving presentations, workshops and brainstorm sessions about cutting edge technologies. It’s always inspiring to end up in a dialogue, share ideas and go home with more questions and thus energy!

If you have an idea for collaboration, be it a presentation, or setting up a project, feel free to contact me at LinkedIn.

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